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After partnering with the BNXT League, Fletcher Sports & Events, in collaboration with our hotels, has been welcoming an increasing number of basketball teams.

These are mainly teams from Belgium, as the Netherlands and Belgium have an interleague competition following their domestic seasons. The Belgian teams stay at our hotels in preparation of their long away games in the Netherlands.

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Dutch game cities

Hotels near Dutch game cities

• Almere – in Huizen
• Leeuwarden – in Heerenveen
• Leeuwarden – in Eese
• Weert – in Weert
• Den Helder – in Callantsoog
• Groningen – in Paterswolde
• Rotterdam – in Lekkerkerk
• ’s-Hertogenbosch – in Rosmalen
• Zwolle – in Epe
• Den Haag – in Leidschendam
• Bemmel – in Doorwerth
• Leiden – in Leidschendam

Hotels in the Netherlands near the Belgian Border in Etten-Leur in Leende in Sluis

Interested as a basketball team in a sports meal and/or overnight stay? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 055-506 28 28, via email at [email protected], or by leaving your details through our contact form.